The Icelandic Radiation Safety Authority launched its new webpage today, December 19th 2012. The previous webpage was launched in 2003 and had become ill suited for modern browsers. The new website is designed to be accessed from a range of browsers whether on computers, tablets or mobile phones.

Additionally, considerable changes have been made in the appearance and structure. Still, the most important change is the easier access for IRSA’s staff to the web system and which saves cost by reducing the need for outsourced expertise for maintenance.

The content on the webpages remains mostly unchanged but the educational materials are due for an update in the coming year.

It is to be expected that, initially, readers will find some errors in the new website. We therefore as our readers to be patient while we figure out this new system and update broken links. We’re working hard to clear up all errors as they are found.

The menubar, above, contains a link to the „Contact us (Hafðu samband)“ webpage. There, readers can send us their suggestions for improvements.